Our Partners


UNited way of caldwell county

Caldwell Friends has been a proud partner of United Way of since 1985. United Way strengthens our agency and community by developing partnerships to address our greatest challenges.

Supporting United Way of Caldwell County also extends support to Caldwell Friends and many other local programs. United Way works year round to improve community conditions and create lasting solutions.




 Caldwell Friends is honored to be a partner and program for the Caldwell County Juvenile Crime Prevention Council (JCPC). This change has created an increase of children referred to us from Caldwell County Juvenile Court Counselors.  Mentoring has been recognized by the state of N.C. Department of Public Safety as one of the top six resources juvenile’s need to prevent crime. Caldwell Friends has been qualified as a resource to provide mentoring for at-risk children and adolescence by the JCPC.